Avail Finance Credit Loan App Customer Care Number 2023

Nowadays, anyone may need a loan at any time, which you can fulfill in different ways. Avail Finance App currently offers multiple credit loan services to its customers. If you want to meet your financial needs quickly with an unsecured loan, you can apply for a personal loan on the Avail Finance Credit Loan App.

Here, we will tell you how to apply for an Avail Finance Loan as per your requirements and also give you information about the features, benefits, and charges available on this app.

Avail Finance Credit Loan App Apk

Interest RateCompetitive Interest Rate starting from 2% per month.
Loan AmountUp to ₹50,000
Processing FeesOne-time processing fee of Rs. 400 (No processing fee will be charged on any loan you take after the first step)
TenureUp to 8 months
DisbursalWithin one working day
Avail Finance Customer Care Number08045681445 / 08880428245 / 9019734932
[email protected]

If you are a blue-collar worker in India and need credit solutions, you can use the Avail Finance Loan app.

This app gives you a credit line of up to ₹5000 with no interest and easy repayment options.

Instant personal loan up to ₹40,000 with low-interest rates and minimal processing fees. You can use the app to pay utility bills, manage your credit line, and improve your credit score.

Avail Finance is a safe and secure platform that partners with NBFCs and is licensed by the RBI.

Services Provide by Avail Finance Loan App

Avail Finance Loan App

Sathi Salary Saving Account: Avail Finance Loan App provides a salary savings account facility to its customers.

You can open your digital account with Avail Finance Saathi Salary Savings Account and get 6.25% interest with no minimum balance restriction & complete visibility over your finances.

Pre-Loaded Credit Line: Avail Finance Pre-Loaded Credit Line, a product that allows you to get a salary advance of up to Rs. 10,000. It’s a convenient way to access extra cash when you need it without any hassle or paperwork.

You can use the Avail Finance app to apply for this credit line and get paid instantly into your account. You can also enjoy flexible repayment options and low-interest rates.

Instant Loan: Instant loan for every credit need is a phrase that describes the service offered by Avail Finance, a neo-banking platform that provides credit solutions to the blue-collared workforce in India.

  1. Pre-loaded credit line up to ₹5000 with 0% interest and flexible repayment options.
  2. Personal loans up to ₹40,000 with low-interest rates and minimal processing fees.
  3. A bill payment feature that allows users to pay utility bills using UPI.
  4. Bank-grade protection and DICGC insurance up to ₹5,00,000.
  5. Improve credit score with each repayment.

Avail Finance Credit Loan App Eligibility Criteria

The company has set some eligibility criteria for giving a loan, only after fulfilling which you can apply for the loan, which are as follows.

  1. Must be an Indian citizen.
  2. It is necessary to link a mobile number with an Aadhar card.
  3. You must have a sure source of income per month.
  4. The borrower’s CIBIL Score should be 720+ at the time of applying for the loan.

Documents Required for Avail Finance Loan App

Avail Finance requires some essential documents that you must have while applying for a loan.

  1. Aadhar Card (Front and Back)
  2. PAN card
  3. Bank statements of last 4 months (with account details and salary credits)
  4. Proof of current address (Rent Agreement, Utility Bill, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, etc.)
  5. Real-time photo of a selfie taken during the paperless application process.

How to apply for an Avail Finance Credit Loan?

If you want a loan from Avail Finance App, then you can get a loan up to ₹40,000 by following some steps:

  1. Download the Avail Finance app from here or visit their website for more information.
  2. Register with your mobile number and OTP, and fill in your personal and professional details.
  3. Upload your KYC documents, such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, and bank account details.
  4. Choose the loan amount and tenure that suits your needs and budget.
  5. Get instant approval and disbursal in your account within a few minutes.

Fee and Charges of Avail Finance Personal Loan App

Interest RateCompetitive interest rate starting from 2% per month.
Processing FeesAvail charges a one-time processing fee of ₹400.
Stamp DutyAs per state law
Due Payment ChargesLate payment fee of 1% per week will be charged on the overdue amount.

Avail Finance App Customer Care Number

If you have any quires related to services like a pre-loaded credit line, Instant Loan, or Sathi Salary Saving account, you can contact Avail Finance Customer Care Number 9019734932 / 08045681445 / 08880428245 or [email protected]

You can also visit their office at Avail Finance, Block C, Prestige RMZ Startech, 2, Hosur Rd, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560095.


We often need additional funds to meet personal needs, to achieve this you can avail of the credit loan service of Avail Finance. You can get a personal loan of ₹40000 at a low interest rate for 8 months without any collateral and paperwork.

If you have an Avail Finance Saathi salary account, you can also take a Salary advance loan of Rs 10,000.

If you want to apply for a loan here, then read the terms and conditions carefully and apply for the loan only after agreeing.

FAQs Related to Avail Finance Credit Loan App

How do I pay EMI?

If you have NACH approval, your bank account will automatically pay your EMI. You can also use online methods to pay your EMI, such as debit card, net banking, UPI, e-wallet, or Vodafone mPesa cash.

What is the maximum loan amount in Avail Finance?

With the Avail Finance App, you can get an Instant Personal Loan of up to ₹40,000 at the lowest interest rate with 8 months tenure. You can use this loan amount at your convenience.

Can I pay after the due date?

Paying your dues on time is good for you, as it saves you from late payment charges and keeps your credit score high. If you miss your due date, you will need to pay 1% per week on the overdue amount as late payment charges. Missing an EMI payment can also cause other problems, such as late fees, lower credit scores, etc.

How does credit score affect personal finance?

Your repayment history determines your credit score, which is a number between 0 and 999 given by a credit bureau. Your credit score affects the loan or credit card offer that you get from lenders, such as how much you can borrow, how long you have to repay, how much interest you have to pay, and what fees you have to pay. A high credit score shows that you have a good credit history and financial reputation, which can help you in the future.

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