Upwards Loan: Upwards Personal Loan available at Low CIBIL Score

Upwards Loan: With the Upwards Personal Loan app, you get instant cash loans ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 3 lakh. Due to a lack of money, most people need a personal loan. In such a situation, the Upwords Quick Instant Loan app can be helpful to you. Here you get travel loans, student loans, marriage loans, mobile loans, laptop loans, medical emergency loans, home loans, etc. You will also get loans against low CIBIL scores here. Here we will tell you how to apply for a loan in Upwards App.

Upwards Loan Details

Application NameUpwards – Quick Instant Loan at Low EMI
Interest Rate18% to 36% Per Annum.
Processing fee2% to 4% of loan amount + GST
Credit LineUpwards Credit Line Card
Loan Tenure12 Months to 60 Months
Minimum Income RequireSalaried 20000
Amount of Money20000 to 3 Lakh
Age Limit21 – 55 Year
Available Locations in IndiaOver 8000+ Pin Code in 200 Cities
ExampleLoan Amount: Rs 50,000
Tenure: 12 Months
Interest Rate: 24% (on Reducing Principal Balance Interest Calculation)
Processing fee 3.5% = 1750+GST=2065
EMI Amount: Rs 4,728
Disbursed Amount is Rs. 47,935
Total Interest Payable: Rs 6,736
Total Amount Payable: 56,736/-
Upwards Loan Customer Care Number & Email1860-267-4777
[email protected]

Upwards Loan Interest Rate

Upwards App provides personal loans to people under various schemes. Upwards App offers personal loans up to Rs 3 lakh to customers at the interest rate of 18% per annum. Customers apply for a personal loan online. Upwards App decides the interest rate based on repayment history, income structure, credit score, Age, area, etc., which may differ from customer to customer.

Factor affecting Upwards personal loan interest rates

Age of the applicant: The interest charged on the personal loan can be more or less according to our Age. Younger applicants have to pay less interest as the risk involved is less, and older applicants may have to pay higher interest as the risk involved is more.

CIBIL Score: The credit score of the applicant is taken into consideration before determining the personal loan interest rate. If the applicant has a low CIBIL score and has failed to repay his previous loans or credit card bills on time, the interest will be determined higher.

Loan Tenure: In most cases, the loan repayment tenure is chosen by the applicant. The option is in the hands of the applicant as to when he will repay the loan. The longer the tenure of the personal loan, the higher the interest.

Residential Location: The interest rate decided by the Upwards App can also be based on whether the applicant lives in an urban or semi-urban area. People living in city areas can get a personal loan at a low-interest rate.

Relationship with the lender: Your relationship with the bank also affects your interest rate. A good and long relationship can reduce your interest rate significantly. It takes a long time to build a good relationship.

Features of Upwards Loan App

Flexible loan amount: Here, you can easily avail of a personal loan ranging from ₹20,000 to ₹3 lakh as your requirement. Whatever loan amount is sanctioned to you here. From the Approved amount, you can transfer money to your account as per your requirement. Whatever amount you use, you will be charged interest on that amount.

RBI Registered NBFC: A personal loan company called a registered NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) only after following the RBI guidelines. Upwards Quick Instant Loan App is a registered NBFC-trusted app.

Loan for Low CIBIL Score: Personal loan is an unsecured loan. Hence all the banks and NBFCs check the Credit Scores of the individual before giving a personal loan. A personal loan is not available if the credit history is poor. But the Upwards Loan app gives you loans even on low CIBIL scores.

Low-Cost Shopping Loan: Upwards aims to upgrade the lifestyle of its customers at zero cost. So, when you choose an Amazon, Flipkart, or MakeMyTrip voucher from the app, you get a low-cost EMI loan.

Fully Digital Process: The loan process here is fully digital. You do not need to submit any documents manually.

Borrow anytime: Upwards lets you avail of emergency loans. So, you can apply for a loan here anytime 24*7 and 365 days a.

Quick and Secure Loan: Upwards Loan app is very much liked in terms of providing instant personal loans. Where you get loan approval in less time.

No Collateral: When you apply for a personal loan in a bank, you have to deposit some of your belongings with the bank as security. But this is not the case with Upwards Loan App. Here you get a loan of up to 3 lakhs without any collateral.

Eligibility Criteria for Upwards Loan App

  • The customer must have his PAN (Permanent Account Number) card.
  • The mobile number should be linked with an Aadhaar card.
  • Must be an Indian citizen.
  • The person’s salary should be 15000 to 20000 rupees
  • Three months’ salary slip/salary slip.
  • Salary Account Statement for the last 6 months.
  • The age of the person should be between 21 to 55 years.

Tips to Improve Personal Loan Eligibility:

A high salary and credit score also improve your loan eligibility. Furthermore, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your loan application is approved faster.

Maintain a healthy credit score: The higher your credit score, the higher your loan eligibility. Generally, a credit score of 750 and above is considered healthy by any of the credit bureaus. The bank sees you as a good customer and may also offer you a competitive interest rate.

Keep your EMIs within a limit: The total EMI of your existing loan should not exceed 40% of your take-home salary.

Avoid applying for multiple loans or credit cards: This will bring down your credit score as you will be seen as credit hungry. Therefore, you should apply for a loan or credit card only when necessary.

Don’t default on EMIs or delay your credit card payments: If you have existing loans, make sure to pay EMIs on time.

How to apply for Upwards Loan?

The entire process of availing a loan on Upwards is online. You can get an instant personal loan of up to ₹3 lakh by following a few easy steps. Here we will guide you on how to fill out your loan form. Here so that you can get loan approval.

  • Click on the Apply Now button below to apply for the loan.
  • After entering your name and mobile number, click on the start button.
  • Login with your Gmail account and complete your KYC process.
  • Here enter your Aadhaar card and PAN-related information like name, date of birth, mobile number, PAN number, etc.
  • Enter your professional details, Company name, address, monthly income, type of employment, etc.
  • Give all permission from your mobile.
  • You upload your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Salary Slip, and Bank Statement.
  • Enter the OTP and captcha of the mobile number linked with your Aadhaar.
  • Enter the details of your savings account to which you want to transfer the loan.
  • Complete the process of e-Sign and e-NACH.
  • After some time, the loan amount will be transferred to your bank.

Upwards Personal Loan for Low CIBIL Score Loan Apply Link:

Upwards Loan Processing Fee and Charges

Processing Fee2% to 4% of the loan amount +GST
Late Payment ChargesUp to 3% per month on the amount due
The repayment Instrument mandate rejects the chargeUp to Rs. 250 per rejection
Charges or Bouncing of the Repayment InstrumentRs. 500 per month for each instance
Prepayment charges 
Stamp Dutyo.1% of the sanctioned amount or Rs. 100, Whichever is higher

Upwards Loan Customer Care Number

Following are the different ways to contact Upwards customer care department:

You can visit the official branch at the office no.

201, Times Square Building

Western Expressway highway

Andheri East – Mumbai-69

Upwards – Quick Instant Loan at Low EMI App Detail

Application NameUpwards – Quick Instant Loan at Low EMI
Updated on22 Mar 2017
Downloads1M + Downloads
App Download Size23.67 MB
Website Linkwww.upwards.in
Released on22 Apr 2022
Upwards Loan App Review4.4 Star

Upwards Loan Related FAQ: –

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loans help you borrow money for an expense of a personal nature, be it for any other requirement such as an emergency, education, family wedding, or home renovation. With Upwards Loan App, with various loans ranging from 20k to 3 lakhs, you can enjoy an interest rate of 18% to 36% per annum with flexible tenures ranging between 1 12 months to 60 months.

Why ‘Upwards Personal Loan’?

Upwards is an RBI-registered NBFC committed to offering personal loans to salaried professionals. Get instant loans up to 3 lakhs at low-cost EMIs. Customers can apply for the loan in a few easy steps without worrying about providing any physical documents.

What is an EMI?

EMI Stands for Equated Monthly Installment. Which is a fixed amount paid towards the repayment of your loan. This includes both the principal component and the interest amount. It gives you the convenience and benefit of repaying the personal loan amount in small and easy installments.

What are the benefits of the Upwards Loan App?

Here customers get Instant Cash Loans ranging from Rs 20 thousand to Rs 3 lakh with fewer documents Which the customer can transfer to his savings account in no time.

How to apply for Upwards Personal Loan online?

If you want to avail of Upwards Instant Personal Loan, you will install the Upwards Loan App and create your account. In which you have to fill in a lot of important information. After filling in this data, the app will show your “Instant Personal Loan” eligibility with an eligible interest rate and tenure. After successfully checking the eligibility criteria, you will fill in the loan details. After that, you will fill in the bank details. So that the amount is transferred to your account.

What is the Upwards Loan Interest Rate?

You will get Upwards Loan from Rs 20 thousand to Rs 3 lakh with an interest rate of 18% to 30% per annum. The loan is available from this app through a fully digital and contactless process. You can use this money for bill payments, personal expenses, etc.

How do I pay off my extended loan?

In the case of prepayment, the loan provider can make the payment through net banking, UPI, or online services. Make sure that the required amount is available in the bank account every month on the date of EMI.

How to contact Upwards Loan Customer Care?

You can also call the customer care number 1860-267-4777 for personal loan-related queries. You can also get your questions answered by sending an email to [email protected].

How to calculate the EMI payable before taking a Personal Loan from Upwards?

You can check the EMI payable using the EMI calculator. You can enter the required details to check the EMI payable. This facility is free for you.

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